Areas of interest

We use the four natural elements -fire/energy, water, air and earth - as metaphors for our cleantech investment strategy. A non-limitative list of investment themes or areas of interest:


  • intelligent electrical power network technologies (smart grid or microgrids, power management, ...)
  • power quality and reliability technologies
  • technologies for electrical, chemical and mechanical storage (e.g. batteries, flywheels, hydrogen, ...)
  • energy efficiency
  • clean power harvesting and conversion technologies (renewable energy, wind, solar, biomass, ...)


  • zero-harm effluent discharge technologies
  • membrane and affinity technologies
  • rapid sensing and information processing control technologies
  • cost-effective removal of specific components and/or valuables


  • greenhouse gas reduction technologies
  • decarbonisation and CO2 storage technologies
  • removal of nanoparticles
  • low to zero emission technologies


  • soil decontamination and monitoring technologies
  • biobased chemistry
  • biomass conversion and platform technologies for biorefineries
  • second and third generation biofuels

We also see interesting possibilities in the cross-section of these domains and other application areas. Some examples:

  • green chemistry and white biotech
  • advanced materials
  • wireless sensor networks and agent technologies
  • noise and vibration reduction