Sectors of Interest

The Sustainable Chemistry Fund will invest in technologies that across the supply chain for sustainable chemicals, from feedstocks through to functional chemicals & materials in a broad range of applications. Investment targets include, but are not limited to the following fields:


  • Biomass
  • CO2 and other gases
  • Waste resources
  • Technologies that drive better feedstock productivity and yield. 
  • Waste water and water usage improvement technologies. 
  • Technologies aimed at optimizing and securing agricultural, forest and marine feedstocks.


  • Chemical catalysis and Bio-Catalysis, for conversion of feedstocks 
  • 3D Printing
  • Electrification of the chemical process
  • Waste-to-Product and Gas-to-Chemical processes

Functional Materials

  • Building Block Chemicals
  • Platform Chemicals
  • Novel Polymers
  • Composites


  • Sustainable Fibers (bio-based, biodegradable) for Textiles, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Sports, and general Industrial applications (ropes, twine, non-wovens, filters, insulation materials)

Food (Advanced Nutrition)

  • Alternative Proteins
  • Bio-based Flavors, Fragrances & Vitamins
  • Sustainable solutions for antibiotics, anti-bacterials, -virals and preservatives
  • Cellular Farming


  • Alternative Proteins

Jet Fuel

  • Biofuel
  • Alternative Feedstocks