Submit a business plan

As a professional venture capital company we adhere to the EVCA code of conduct: Capricorn Venture Partners, its team, its directors and its professional advisors fully respect confidentiality regarding the information submitted to us.

After an initial contact and after receiving a sufficiently detailed executive summary or first presentation, we are prepared to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to receiving a detailed business plan. We will however insist on using our model based on the guidelines provided by the British Venture Capital Association.

We prefer a first phone or e-mail contact by preference by the entrepreneur.

Please submit your investment proposals on the following page:

We do not have a prescribed model for a business plan. However, after reading we expect a good understanding of the following topics:
  • Targeted market, customer need addressed, market opportunity and USPs (unique selling proposition)
  • Technology, development status, mode of action
  • Management, team, experience and expansion plans
  • Business model, pricing and cost structure
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Competitive landscape and barriers to entry, IP protection strategy
  • Three year financial plan, assumptions and sensitivity
  • Capital requirements and use of funds
  • Current shareholding and specific shareholding rights