New environmentally friendly migration barrier from Xylophane

Bohus, Sweden: 7 November 2011 - Swedish materials company Xylophane has developed a solution to the problem of mineral oils and other harmful substances leaching into foods that are packed in cardboard made from recycled fibres. Tests conducted by the German institute ISEGA show that migration can be reduced by more than 90 per cent.

The tests have shown that mineral oils and other harmful substances from printing inks can migrate from recycled fibre cardboard and paper into foods. One study carried out by a government-run laboratory in Switzerland found quantities of mineral oils that far exceeded the permitted limits in dry products like breakfast cereals, pasta and rice packaged in recycled cardboard. These substances are volatile and can permeate through layers or inner bags of plastic. According to toxicologists, mineral oils in foods can be linked to inflammation of internal organs and, in some cases, cancer.

More info on the press release or on Xylophane's website.

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