Xylophane: € 1.7 million to renewable barrier material

Bohus, Sweden: 10 October 2012 - The company Xylophane has been granted € 1.7 million from the EU program, LIFE+. Within the framework of the four-year project, RenewPACK, Xylophane shall show industrial production, use of the material for food packaging and demonstrate the environmental benefits of the packaging material.

"The support that we are obtaining through LIFE+ is extremely valuable to us since it makes it possible to scale-up the technology. In turn, this also means that we are one step closer to a commercial product and that our customers can benefit from the advantages of our renewable barrier material," says Managing Director of Xylophane, Håkan Grubb. "We are already seeing major interest from our customers within the packaging industry and from foodstuff producers in both Europe and North America where we have several ongoing cooperative projects. Naturally, we are open to additional contacts with players and companies that want to participate in the industrial phase and continued development of the company," adds Håkan.

More info on Xylophane's website.

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