Nexstim Launches Next Generation NBS 5 System

Helsinki, Finland: 18 September 2014 - Nexstim, a medical technology company focused on Navigated Brain Stimulation (NBS), announces the launch of a new NBS system, NBS 5, for non-invasive presurgical mapping in clinical neurosurgery. The new device will be showcased at two international neurosurgery congresses during the month of October 2014, one in Europe and the other in the USA.

The new NBS 5 system combines MRI-guided Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) with electromyography (EMG) measurement and incorporates DICOM1 export to surgical planning systems, surgical navigators and microscopes. Nexstim has developed and implemented several novel proprietary features in the new NBS 5 to enable NBS to be easily adopted as the routine solution for presurgical mapping of the cortex in clinical neurosurgery. Computer-aided alignment of the stimulation coil, motor threshold determination and E-field-based stimulation enable mapping of motor areas around the point of interest.

More info on the press release or on Nexstim's website.

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