Atos and NGDATA launch omni channel solution with cloud based Big Data services to enrich banks’ customer intelligence

Atos, an international information technology services company, and NGDATATM, the customer experience management solutions company, today launched a Big Data omni channel solution for banks worldwide With this omni-channel management offering built on Canopy's Data Platform and underpinned by big data machine learning capacities, banks can target their customers more effectively, enhance customer loyalty and strengthen their output. Atos integrates this new solution into its proven omni-channel customer experience solution already in place with major banks. 

The growing importance of digital channels has impacted banks and how they deliver their services to Corporate and Retail banking customers. As mobile devices and behavior evolve, Atos and NGDATA can offer banks worldwide the opportunity to improve their competitive edge, and refocus on a user-centered online experience.

More information on NGDATA's website.

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