Nexstim Plc supports 7th International Symposium on Navigated Brain Stimulation in Neurosurgery

Helsinki, Finland: 8 October 2015 - Nexstim Plc (NXTMH:HEX, NXTMS:STO), a medical technology company aiming to improve rehabilitation for stroke patients through the use of non-invasive brain stimulation, announces its support for the 6th International Symposium on Navigated Brain Stimulation, Neurosurgery and Neuromodulation to be held in Berlin on 11-12 October 2015.

The publication of data on pre-surgical navigated TMS mapping continues to increase, demonstrating the risk-benefit and improving outcomes, and support the case for motor mapping being a part of standard care for patients with tumours in presumed eloquent location.

Sessions on pre-surgical motor and speech mapping will look at the application of navigated TMS and navigated repetitive TMS techniques and, for the first time at this symposium, NBS reimbursement will also be discussed.

More info on Nexstim's website.

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