Capricorn Cleantech Fund invests in Avantium

on 29/10/2008 17:46
Avantium completes 18 million financing round
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Capricorn Venture Partners continues its expansion into cleantech

on 19/09/2008 17:01
Capricorn Venture Partners continues its expansion into cleantech - Sitra joins as a strategic partner.
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Capricorn Venture Partners closes its Cleantech Fund at 100 million

on 21/05/2008 13:40
Capricorn Venture Partners held the final closing of its Capricorn Cleantech Fund well above its original fundraising target, at over 100 million.
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Four Institutional Investors join the Capricorn Cleantech Fund

on 29/02/2008 13:42
Early February, Capricorn Venture Partners welcomed four additional investors to its latest Capricorn Cleantech Fund, increasing the fund's capital with over 30 million.
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Capricorn Cleantech Fund reaches half-way milestone of 50 million

on 28/09/2007 13:00
Capricorn Venture Partners announced that it signed up LRM, the regional investment company for Limburg (Belgium) as investor to its Capricorn Cleantech Fund. The Capricorn Cleantech Fund held its first closing in November 2006. Including LRM's investment of 10 million, the Fund reached its half-way milestone of 50 million. The final closing of the Fund, with a target size of 75 to 100 million, is foreseen by the end of 2007.
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