Areas of interest

The investment team will is looking for technologies/products that can be qualified as ‘must haves' rather than ‘nice to haves'. 

  • Sufficiently validated platform-technologies that significantly reduce the cost of (therapy) development, allow for the personalisation of treatment or prevention, and enhance product delivery;
  • (Pre-) Clinical Products that address significant clinical needs, show desirable demographics, reduce costs, offer a high likelihood of reimbursement and make use of established pathways between physician and patients.

A major threat facing the health-tech industry clearly lies in the escalation of cost controls, market access and regulatory requirements to demonstrate economic value (pharmaco-economics).

  • Innovative first-in-class products treating unmet medical needs will stand the best chance of commanding higher prices, especially if those products can be selectively directed to the disease target of interest, without having any adverse effects on other healthy organs and tissues;
  • Preventive therapy, early detection tools and companion diagnostics will most likely be increasingly well received and will face lower reimbursement hurdles.

Functional foods constitute another opportunity for reducing the spiralling health care costs.