Portfolio companies

Sequana Medical

Sequana Medical [Switzerland] is a medical device company that designs, develops and manufactures automated implantable pump systems to manage excess fluid accumulation within the body.


Nexstim [Finland] is a medical device company that that develops, manufactures and markets Navigated Brain Stimulation devices for clinical use and scientific research. 


Mainstay Medical

Mainstay Medical [Ireland] is developing a ground breaking treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain through restoring neuromuscular function of the lumbar spine stabilizing muscles.




TROD Medical

TROD Medical [Belgium] has developed the "Encage" concept which allows for local prostate cancer ablation with reduced side effects.

iSTAR Medical

iSTAR Medical [Belgium] aims to improve the lives of patients suffering from eye diseases by developing innovative ophthalmic implants made from STAR® Biomaterial.


Confo Therapeutics

Confo Therapeutics [Belgium] is a drug discovery company building internal drug discovery programs on GPCRs addressing unmet medical need.



Ogeda [Belgium] is a drug development company with a chemistry service business focusing on discovery of small molecules targeting GPCRs.



Diagenode [Belgium] designs and manufactures innovative systems, tools and kits in the epigenetics and molecular diagnostic market.