Capricorn History

The mission of Capricorn Venture Partners is to manage and advise venture capital funds on early-stage technology-based investment opportunities, primarily in Europe, and to provide support and advice to internationally oriented high-growth technology companies in the portfolio of these funds.

Capricorn Venture Partners NV was established in 1993 as a joint venture between Dr Jos B. Peeters and Baring Venture Partners Ltd, Since December 1999, Capricorn Venture Partners is a fully partner-owned independent investment advisory and management company.


Prior to Capricorn Cleantech Fund and Capricorn Health-tech Fund, Capricorn Venture Partners managed Capricorn Venture Fund I and Capricorn Venture Fund II. Both funds are early-stage, multisector venture capital funds, with a portfolio of companies active in ICT, life sciences (healthcare and biotechnology) and advanced materials.

Capricorn Venture Fund I

The first Capricorn fund, Capricorn Venture Fund I, was established in January 1995 and had € 22.3 million of committed capital. More than half of the committed capital came from entrepreneur-investors from Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway. The balance was raised from a range of well-established institutional investors, including Atlas Investeringsgroep, Sitra, Artesia Bank (now part of Dexia Bank), and the European Investment Fund.

A total of 14 investments were made by this fund, 8 of which in ICT, 3 in biotechnology, 2 in healthcare (both with a strong advanced materials component) and 1 in cleantech. 10 portfolio companies were located in Belgium, 1 in France, 1 in the Netherlands and 2 in the U.S. Capricorn Venture Partners was the lead investor in 8 of these 14 investments and has held a board seat in 11 of them.

To date the fund enjoyed five ipo's and two trade sales (Innogenetics, Enfocus, FillFactory, Devgen, Omrix Biopharmaceuticals and BioAlliance Pharma).

Capricorn Venture Fund II

In 2001, Capricorn Venture Fund II was created with a total accumulated capital of € 22 million. Investors include KBC Private Equity, the interface unit of the University of Leuven and a group of successful technology entrepreneurs.

The fund made three investments in the biotechnology and life science sectors and three in information technology. In 2007, TiGenix realised a successful IPO at Euronext.