Past Funds portfolio companies

Prior to Capricorn Cleantech Fund, Capricorn Venture Partners invested through its Capricorn Venture Fund I and II. A selection of the portfolio companies of Capricorn Venture Fund I and Capricorn Venture Fund II included:


TiGenix [Belgium] is a biomedical company that focuses on innovative treatments for damaged and osteoarthritic joints. TiGenix is developing a portfolio of products that address specific musculoskeletal problems. The lead indication among these is cartilage damage, which is a debilitating affliction affecting the mobility and functioning of patients.  The company had a successful introduction on Euronext Brussels in March 2007.

BioAlliance Pharma

BioAlliance Pharma [France] is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and marketing of innovative therapeutics targeting drug resistance in cancer, HIV, and opportunistic infections. Bioalliance is listed on Euronext since December 2005.


Ortec International

Ortec International [The Netherlands] develops and commercialises advanced decision support systems based on operations research and management science technology. It has blue chip clients in the manufacturing, banking, insurance and transportation industries.  


EcoPhos [Belgium], is a company focused on Phosphate technology. EcoPhos develops unique Phosphate production processes. The work of EcoPhos has essentially developed along two principal axes: the search for a cost effective and low waste process to produce Phosphoric Acid and Phosphate salts, starting from low cost Phosphate Rock and the search for a cost-effective purification of wet process Phosphoric Acid to produce Phosphoric Acid of high quality.

In April 2013, ING Private Equity Magazine OUTLINE reported:



Amplexor [Belgium]  means Pure Content Management. The sheer volume and continuing rapid growth of online and offline content within companies create tremendous challenges. Amplexor helps companies build solutions to manage this information overload and make sure the right information is delivered on the right time to the right person, be it a client, employee or supplier.  


boondoggle [Belgium] (formerly i-merge) assists its corporate clients to build brand equity through the use of the entire palette of online technologies available today, including messaging, email, CRM, content management, interactive TV, etc.



Devgen [Belgium] is a biotech company with agricultural business units developing and commercializing a novel generation of products to protect a wide spectrum of crops from damage incurred from pests; biotech traits and germplasm to meet the growing needs for high yielding, high quality hybrid rice and selected small grains and agro-chemical products.