Succes stories

Some of Capricorn's most successful investments are:


Omrix Biopharmaceuticals

Omrix Biopharmaceuticals [Belgium/U.S.] has offices in Belgium, U.S. and Israel. Omrix is a commercial-stage company that aims to develop and market innovative biosurgical and passive immunotherapy products, utilizing its proprietary protein purification technology and manufacturing know-how. Omrix was introduced successfully on the Nasdaq stock market on April 20, 2006.  


FillFactory [Belgium] is an IMEC spin-off company specializing in the custom design of CMOS image sensors with a multi-megapixel resolution, an extended dynamic range and very high readout speeds. Fillfactory has been acquired by Cypress Semiconductors in August 2004. Cypress agreed to pay $100 million in cash for FillFactory.


Innogenetics [Belgium] is an international biotechnology company that develops and markets diagnostic assays in the fields of Infectious Diseases, Genetic Testing, Transplantation, Neurodegeneration, and Oncology, with a special focus on molecular diagnostics and multiparameter testing. Its wholly owned subsidiary, GENimmune NV, focuses on developing immunotherapeutics and is supported by a world-class biomanufacturing unit providing third-party services as well.

Enfocus Software

Enfocus Software [Belgium] developed software applications that extend the power and reliability of portable document standards such as PDF. The company was acquired by Artwork Systems n.v., a company listed on Nasdaq Europe.